MesoCraft is a mesoscale modeling application for manual, procedural and rule-based modeleing of mesoscame molecular models. The application is based on research presented in Modeling in the Time of COVID-19: Statistical and Rule-based Mesoscale Models.


is a WebGPU and WASM based volume renderer for visualizing multi-channel volumetric data..

Shader Editor

Shader Editor is a WGSL online editor and compiler based on WebGPU/Emscripten and Dawn. Users could write shaders to do the pixel-level operations.

Code and Builds

WebGPU C++ WASM - Hello triangle

WebGPU demo application developed in C++. The application can run as a standalone application (using the Dawn library) or can be build into a WebAssambley web application which runs in the web browser.

WebGPU DVR in Rust

Simple WebGPU direct volume rendering demo application developed in Rust.

OpenGL Holographic Remoting

A proof of concept application demnostratin hot to send a rendering done in OpenGL using Holographic Remoting to HoloLens 2. It is exploits OpenGL and DirectX shared resources.

Mesoscale models

SARS-CoV-2 model

A model of SARS-CoV-2 created using MesoCraft modeling tool in the .model format.

T4 model

A model of T4 bacteriophages created using MesoCraft modeling tool in the .model format.