Chloroplast Atomistic Model

Chloroplast model

Chloroplast lipid bilayer


Mohammed Zia Baig, Ondrej Strnad, Ivan Viola, Deng Luo.


In this project, we created an atomistic model of a chloroplast with all the proteins in the outer and inner membranes involved in the precursor protein import channel. This model also includes a model of a thylakoid made by another intern [1]. All of this combines biological structures with modeling technology to create a better visual understanding of the chloroplast. This report results from a WISE [2] project to build an atomistic model of a chloroplast in Arabidopsis thaliana. This plant is well known for its comprehensive proteome database. The latest structural data of the chloroplast is found and fed into the in-house modeling software, MesoCraft, which can manipulate proteins and digital meshes and construct them rapidly using rules.

The above banner images shows, left: The Chloroplast model with all the outer and inner membrane proteins, in addition to the thylakoid discs [1], is depicted in this model; right: Lipid Bilayers depicted on a triangular skeleton.

1. Thylakoid atomic model:

2. WISE internship program:


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