Integrin-Talin Complex Atomistic Model





Mohammed Zia Baig, Piao Yu, Template_authors_to_be_updated.


Template_p1_to_be_updated. This is a WISE [1] internship project aimed at building the atomistic model for bacteriophage T4. The most up-to-date structural data and knowledge are first collected and then fed into the in-house modeling tool called MesoCraft. Most proteins' structures are collected from the PDB database. When this is not available, AlphaFold2 and SWISS-MODEL are the main tools used to perform the prediction of the protein's structure from its amino acid sequence. Please refer to the "YouTube - Bacteriophage T4 Atomistic Model Structural Biology Background" link below for more information.

Template_p2_to_be_updated. The above banner image shows the isometric mutant type T4, whose head capsid is a perfect icosahedron with the triangulation number T=13. Its model can be downloaded in the "" link below. The model is released in MesoCraft .model format. A .cif format will be released later. The wild type T4 is being constructed, with T=13 forming the top and bottom cap and T=20 forming the middle section.

Template_p3_to_be_updated. The model is subject to update when new insights are found. Please address correspondence to Deng Luo.


Template_links_to_be_updated. 1. WISE internship program:


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